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Last week I provided definitive proof that the Nokia 808 PureView is fairly idiot-proof when it comes to taking great photos. 

It’s a great camera phone because it is so easy for a novice photographer, such as myself, to use but its different settings also allow more advanced users to get the results they want as well. 

We have previously published some tips and tricks to help people make the most of 808 PureView’s camera.  You can still read Parts 1 and Part 2 of our help guide.

Nokia 808 PureView

Video recording

As well as pin-sharp still images, it is worth remembering that the 808 PureView is also a very special device for recording HD video. When you combine this with its Rich Recording technology, it is not a huge leap forward to conclude that the 808 PureView will be quite something for recording music performances.

One person who has noticed this is EasycapExpertii, an 808 PureView enthusiast from Finland who has set up a website dedicated to showcasing music recordings made with the device.

Considering the 808 PureView has only been available for a few months, or even a few weeks in some places, the website already has concert videos featuring the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Foo Fighters and many other big name acts.

An expert’s tips 

EasycapExpertii has shared several tips with Nokia Conversations so that you can also make great recordings with your 808 PureView.

  • Be careful that you are not covering the microphone with your hands. The 808 PureView has two mics for stereo recording – one at the top and the other at the bottom of the phone (as you hold it vertically).
  • Use a tripod or a handheld stabiliser wherever possible. For a tripod mount and other accessories for the 808 PureView see this Conversations post.
  • If you are moving around, do not try to change focus! Wait until you have come to stop and then adjust the focus for the best results.
  • If you are recording at a concert, try to stay within 50m of the stage. Beyond this distance the audio will be fine, but the video will suffer because of the lighting, or lack of it.
  •  If the performer is standing underneath a spotlight, use the Spotlight scene mode on the 808 PureView. This setting is designed for great contrasts where someone is standing underneath a bright light or in front of a dark background.

Have you been filming any videos with your 808 PureView? Do you have any tips for capturing great videos and great sound?