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We often see interesting initiatives on our social channels, like followers who shoot 3D photos with their phone or photograph the moon with custom-made accessories. But when Damien tweeted the following, we knew this was on another level:

“@Nokia I will let you paint my car for a Lumia 900. I am serious.” – @skooal – aka Damien, from Wexford

Well, how could we resist such temptation? To physically haul ourselves to the beautiful Emerald Isle (the country itself is reason enough to go!) and jazz up the car of one of our fans, was just too much of a mouth-watering prospect to resist. So, after a few weeks of meticulous planning, hours of poring over top-secret blueprints and a million cups of coffee, we are ready to unveil Damien’s new Lumia car!

The result looks pretty cool too, I’m sure you’ll agree! And if you live in Ireland, you might come across the car yourself (Damien drives from Wexford to Dublin every day). If you do, make sure you take a picture, send it to us on @Nokia and let us know what you would do for a Nokia Lumia! But remember, don’t tweet and drive at the same time (or use your phone at all – unless of course you’re using a hands-free kit. Safety first.)

The lucky winner with his amazing Nokia Lumia combo!

A few tweets later, Damien is cruising along the Irish roads, Nokia Lumia style!

What would you do for a Nokia Lumia? How crazy would you go in order to get your hands on one? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter and who knows, you might be involved in our next exciting project!