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Recently we asked you to participate in a poll to see if you prefer to pay for apps, or download them for free. It’s now time for the results, so join us as we take a look at them.

Well, I don’t think we’ve ever had a poll where the results have been an almost 50-50 split. But, we do now.

Paid apps free apps poll results

When it comes to downloading apps, it seems that you – our readers – don’t have a preference either way. Although paid apps with no ads wins by a whisker, scoring almost 52 per cent. This leaves free apps with ads receiving 48 per cent of the votes.

These results are interesting, as I thought the results would be further separated.

If there’s anything for developers of apps/games to learn from this poll, is that whatever you’re doing, stick at it for now. People, or at least our readers, aren’t majorly concerned either way.

What do you make of the results?