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Another dose of awesomeness from the world wide web, featuring (spoiler alert) Nokia Lumia 900 food blogging, some Star Wars silliness and some amazing art.

Pie always makes me smile, any day of the week

First up, how could I ignore this pic of pie. Not just any photo of pie, either, as this was snapped on a Nokia Lumia 900 by kennytechs and is part of his foodblogging experiment (actually just a chance to test out the Camera Extras on his Lumia 900). Pie makes me smile any day of week, so why not include a sweet photo here?


Next to make you smile (if only at his dedication), an awesome time lapse video of a drawing of downtown Manhattan, New York (especially apt given this was the location for last weeks’ Nokia Lumia announcement). The detail here is staggering, time-consuming and quite frankly something I would not have had the patience to even contemplate undertaking, let alone complete.

For an extra bonus art story this week, I give you portraits made from the keys of discarded keyboards. The Tarantino is particularly fine and made me smile almost as much as Quentin is scowling:

Keyboard art Tarantino portrait


You were promised Star Wars silliness, and it would be rude of me to disappoint, so here we are. I seem to remember writing something similar a while back about stormtrooper cake, but this is one step up. Life-sized Darth Vader cake, anyone?

Life-size Vader cake

If cake isn’t your thing or you’d prefer something a little chillier, try lightsaber ice pops that are illuminated from the inside. Oh yes, *that* made me smile!


Quick Grins

Accurate descriptions of department store items. I don’t recommend trying this, I don’t know how he managed it.

Super slow motion water balloons.

Real life Roller Coaster Tycoon. That would be pretty awesome.


It’s Monday, what gets you through the day? Let me know in the comments, or dropping a line on Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag, and it could be appearing in MMSM #36.