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It’s that time again. Time to make your mouth do something it shouldn’t do by rights on a Monday. Smile. Grin. Bend upwards. Reverse frown.

Guerrilla tube signs

Firstly this week (with a hat tip to Paul) some cracking guerrilla signs that have been stuck up on the Tube in London. There are some really rather funny examples – I especially enjoyed the gravy and the Shepherd’s Pie. Very clever. Made me smile. Not something I’d recommend trying on your local transportation though (see the supermarket guy from last week’s Quick Grins for details). 


Remember young Caine from MMSM #15 way back in April (a little reminder for if you don’t – he made a fully operational cardboard arcade)? Well he’s back! This has more than made me smile – one 9 year old boy, an empty cardboard box, a global empire:

So my challenge to you is to make a cardboard version of your favourite Nokia by October 6th for the Cardboard Challenge. Ready….Go!


Another link from another colleague (I love it when the global Nokia Connects family pulls together and contributes to MMSM). This time Elisa noticed some people with an empty parking lot, some luminous tape and some shopping trolleys who recreated a massive game of Snake.

Snake always makes me smile, but I haven’t seen a version this good since the N-Gage Human Snake. Still smiling.


Quick Grins

Following on from Caine’s story above, check out this real life carnival hustler. Well, not actually, he’s just really good on the midway.

Clocks and torches made of bread.

Amazing Perseid time lapse video.

Your turn, What’s been making you smile this week? Send me a link in the comments, or on Twitter using #MakeMeSmileMonday, and let’s see what gives you the giggles.