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Gangnam Style

We love a good meme here, and oh yes, I’m on the Gangnam Style bandwagon. And why not? It makes me smile. Following on from last week’s mash up with Carly Rae Jepsen (the first time I’d encountered PSY), it’s time to bring you one more take on the Gangnam Style. This time a marching band at a college football game at Ohio University takes on the dance moves, with tremendous viral success:

…and then the kids at Portland got in on the act. Theirs even featured a Gangnam Mighty Duck:

There’s even a version with the music removed. Disturbing.


I’ve started getting into taking photographs (mostly sunsets right now), but I think it might be a while until I get this good:

Amateur space photography

These amateur photographers have taken to the night skies and won the Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards Deservedly so, I think. The skill and patience to get these images makes me smile (from experience I know it can’t have been simple). Get out there with your Nokia and get snapping!


If I was studying chemistry, or physics, or whatever it is these guys are studying, I’d want a professor who gives demonstrations like this:

Pretty cool, right? How would you have filmed that on your Nokia? Funky ideas appreciated, and have potential for being rewarded (think Nokia Connects:Go).


Are you feeling the Lumia force? Have you come over from the Dark Side recently and switched to Lumia? If so, the best infographic of all time*? (*my opinion only) might be of interest to you:

Star Wars infographic

If you’ve ever been confused about who fits where, and when (and even as a self-confessed Start Wars geek I sometimes wonder about the timeline), help is at hand. This infographic ties everything together, including the novels that have been written to ‘fill in the gaps’. Awesome. Smile every time I see this.


Quick Grins

Via @ctrohinhow to be a computer hacker (mildly NSFW – language)

Post No Bills – guerrilla street art courtesy of @ShannonRich

London Underground workers take a dig at Apple Maps

Mildly disturbing scenes found at Legoland.

National flags envisioned with stereotypical verbal views (I like Italy).

[Image Credits – HanCinema , Masahiro Miyasaka, murera]