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Avid readers of these pages (specifically Make Me Smile Monday), will have seen this pint-sized entrepreneur before. He’s Caine, and his arcade made from cardboard boxes has inspired something incredible.

It’s the Global Cardboard Challenge – make something from cardboard and share it with the world. We decided to partner with the Cardboard Challenge and open it out to you, our readers, as a competition.

So here’s the deal:

Make your own Nokia mobile phone from cardboard (like the one pictured above)


Make a ‘photograph’ from cardboard. Recreate the best photo you ever took on your Nokia (a flower, a building, your cat) using cardboard (like the one pictured below).

Best one (well, two) will win a real phone. We have one Nokia Lumia 900 and on Nokia 808 PureView up for grabs.

It’s that simple.

We made a cardboard Lumia to provide inspiration, can you do better?

Full terms and conditions (no photoshopping! [We were allowed]

Send us your efforts in a comment with a pic, or on Twitter using the #NokiaCardboardChallenge hashtag and we’ll be announcing the winner in the next couple of weeks.

Be sure to get your entries in by midnight (GMT) on Sunday 21st October when the competition closes.

Good luck!