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Hola! Do you like it when the worlds of Lumia and music collide? If so then you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve got two Lumia 900 switch videos hot-off-the-record-press for you to watch today…both of which have a musical twist!

I recently paid a visit to recording artist IreneB and Platinum/Grammy award winning record producer Frankie Biggz – in the beautiful city of Barcelona – to find out why they both switched from their iPhones to the Lumia 900. 

I’ll give you guys a little time to familiarise yourselves with their work in the music industry and why they like the Lumia 900 so much before telling you more about how Irene’s record launch in the USA is going. 

IreneB – Spanish R&B singer


IreneB has been busy promoting her new record ‘Welcome Back‘ in the USA for the past few weeks now and is currently playing gig dates all over permitting! She has a tonne of Lumia 900 photos on her Facebook fan page for you guys to check out and has been busy tweeting about her journey from Barcelona to the USA. 

Frankie Biggz – American record producer/singer-songwriter/DJ


Frankie has also had a hectic schedule since we last met. When he is not supporting IreneB on her tour in the USA he is working with other talented artists like Romantic (make sure you add him on Twitter – he’s going to be big one day!), Djing at large events in Florida and making music videos with artists at his record label

We originally got in touch with IreneB through our Trial a Nokia programme and she was really keen to test out the product. After the trial she not only decided to trade in her iPhone for the Lumia 900 but she also managed to convince Frankie to part with his! 

If you are a musician looking to use a Lumia to capture your work then why not get in touch with us @Nokia_Connects? Alternatively feel free to leave a comment below. If you missed our last Lumia 900 ‘switcher’ trip to Amsterdam then you might like to check it out here.