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As previously noted, Dani has undertaken the ‘Ultimate Experiment‘, using only the Nokia Asha 302 while abandoning all other mobile devices.

Following the first few days of assessing the hardware, camera and contacts features, she has now evaluated the quality of the apps, the series 40 operating system and its overall functionality on a daily basis.

While the operating system offered both ‘basics and more advanced’ services, the default apps were easily accessible and similar to those on smartphones.  However, Dani found the built-in social apps to be limited in scope, only featuring Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – and even then, only providing a ‘minimal amount’ of feeds.

Additionally, the small-sized home screen doesn’t allow for social media and incoming email alerts to occur concurrently, but Dani concludes favourably that the Nokia Asha 302 offers ‘much of what the smartphone user wants’.


Boasting  a ‘superb’ user interface, she found the mobile device to be an ‘excellent feature phone’, which provides ‘much more than you would come to expect of a phone in this price range’ – with the inbuilt apps, the camera and the hardware emerging as particular highlights.

The multitude of personalisation and organisational tools, among the phone’s offerings, make the Nokia Asha 302 suitable to a wide range of people, regardless of previous knowledge and experiences.

With some tender, love and care, Dani showed the Nokia Asha to be a worthwhile companion.

Have you had your hands on an Asha 302? Got any experiments you’d like to try with a Nokia? Let us know on Twitter or on the Trial A Nokia page.