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Nokia Connects: GO

Some of the videos we get for the Nokia Connects: GO contest showcase something that is brand new (to us) and that make us really want to speak to the person who made it. Luke sent us his entry…and we got in touch…

What you do, would it be fair to call it parkour on a bike? Is there a name for it? 

They both have similar fundamentals, however what you see in my video is just one side of a vast number of styles used in Trials Biking – if you’re interested in finding out what the other sides to our sport are or want to see more videos check out Trials Addict on Facebook.

This is what Luke does, by the way:

How long does it take to master, and do you need ‘intestinal fortitude’ to even try it?

Trials riding to me is all about self-expression – your riding is entirely down to you how you ride and it all depends on your goals and what mind set you have. It takes time to learn the basics like any sport however once you have those basic moves under your belt the rest is you against gravity. It’s a sport I feel is open to anyone who enjoys bikes and has interest towards what we do. I feel you can never master bike trials no matter what your level is there’s always going to be that obstacle or move you can’t push yourself into landing which makes what we do all the more addictive.

What has been your biggest wipeout/nastiest injury to date? 

I started riding in late 2006 having my first bike for Christmas. In September 2008 I had a bike problem mid-air resulting in me landing from height onto a road rail and braking my wrist, elbow and getting 5 stitches in my other elbow. The elbows healed up in no time but the doctors said if I do not have an operation on my wrist I would have to live with it being broken but if I do have an operation it would stop my riding. So to date my wrist is still broken (we’re hard up North). [Ed – yikes…all that with a broken wrist. Props!]

What did you think of making the video with the Nokia Lumia 900? Easy? Any wrinkles?

My original intention for this video was to give myself a challenge. The phone was well up to the job even if the weather wasn’t. Auto conditions and easy to use, there is even a separate button on the phone to give you a quick easy phone to camera feature. My only issue at first was the auto focus while riding towards the phone gave a pulsing effect on playback however after being showed how to turn it off by a friend I’m more than happy with the quality.

What did you think of the phone in general? 

After having played around with it I was surprised by what the phone actually offers. I’ve been with Android for the last 2 years and never thought  Android gaming and apps could be beaten but Windows shocked me. I’m very impressed with the games available and social side of the phone. As a side note I forgot to charge the phone after filming all day and playing on games most of the night the next day I checked the battery life thinking ‘Oh, I’ll run out soon’ getting told I have 2 weeks left was quite the shock!

Even my mother and grandmother could use this phone! 

I will be getting one for sure.


That’s awesome, Luke, thanks for your time, and great video. If you have any questions for Luke about his sport or about his time with the Nokia Lumia 900, be sure to drop us a comment below.