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Hot off the heels of the #NokiaCardboardChallenge in which you, our community, astounded us with your creativity, vision and crafting skills, we bring to you…the Nokia Paper Challenge!

The holiday season is a time when we like to give and receive gifts – and what better gift to receive than a brand new Nokia Lumia 820? I’ll tell you what’s better – the fact that we have three to give away to the creators of what we consider to be the best Nokia product (old or new) made from discarded gift wrapping. Of course, if there are no gifts given in your part of the world at this time of year, feel free to use a newspaper, magazine, flyer, pamphlet, or whatever you can lay your hands on in your recycling box. As long as this is the second use of the paper, it’s allowed (no craft paper, plain white paper or the likes).

You heard me right, folks. Why waste all that paper when you could recycle it and create something special? Just like every part the Lumia 820 can be recovered and recycled, so can your wrapping. Just as we create as little as possible from scratch, so can you – by turning discarded paper into creative gold.

You could use the paper for the body of the phone, the tape to hold it together, the gift tag for the screen and the ribbon for a lanyard. Or wherever your creativity takes you. Why not recreate the Lumia 820 you’re trying to win? Or a 3310? Or an N95 8GB?

Nokia paper challenge

We will be judging the challenge and awarding the prizes to the most creative, unique and attractive entries. We saw some amazing creations for the Cardboard Challenge, so check out the winners of that to see the kind of thing we have in mind. We are always on the look out for innovation and a different way of looking at things, so credit will be given to originality.

Full Terms and Conditions are available, please take a minute to have a look – we wouldn’t want any of that creativity to go to waste! Any questions, as ever, please leave me a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We’ll be a little slower to respond over the festive period, but we’re back to full strength on Wednesday 2nd January – and you have until Monday 7th to submit your entries.

So get ready to harness your creativity whilst also saving the planet – one sheet of wrapping paper at a time…And most importantly, have fun!

**Post all of your entries into the comments section below this post or on Twitter using the #NokiaPaperChallenge hashtag**