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Monster Purity Pro family

We had a feeling we were on to something rather special when the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster was unveiled at IFA in Berlin last September.

The very first comment on our original blog post gushed:

“Who do I have to bribe, kill or sleep with to get a pair??? Take my money NOW!!!!”

Now, that excitement has been given an official stamp of approval with the news that the headset has been made an honoree of the prestigious Innovations Awards at CES 2013

Monster + Nokia = Purity Pro

The Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster connects to your phone with ‘one-touch’ NFC pairing (standard Bluetooth pairing is also available) and music from your library is streamed using advanced Bluetooth capabilities.

The sound quality is pretty stellar too as they feature Monster’s active noise cancelling. This includes feed forward and feedback technology for ambient and percussive noise cancellation. 

Nokia Purity Pro by Monster CES 2013 Award

In addition to all this audio wizardry, it’s impossible to miss the Purity Pro’s striking looks and its choice of bold colours: Red, Yellow, Black, and White. They’ll go perfectly with your Nokia Lumia 920.

“We are extremely proud of the selection of Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster as an honoree in the Headphones category of the 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards,” said Tomi Penttila, head of Nokia Gear. “This is an acknowledgement of the innovation, excellent sound quality and superior craftsmanship that the product and the two brands stand for.”

Purity Pro

All told, this wireless headset represents a perfect marriage between Monster’s advanced audio expertise and Nokia’s mobile technology know-how and design flair. 

The Purity Pro isn’t just cutting edge; it’s a delight to use as well. The noise cancellation and Bluetooth activates automatically when the headset is unfolded, and switches off again when you fold them up after use.

CES 2013 Award

In its citation for the CES 2013 Innovations award the judges said of the wireless headset:

“Nokia Purity Pro is a high definition over the ear wireless headset with active noise cancellation that gives you the freedom of movement and true sound reproduction that’s rich, powerful and dynamic.”

 The Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster is expected to hit retail shelves at the end of this month.


Editor’s note:


The award received is honoree in the headphones category of the 2013 CES Innovations Awards. This is the first level of awards. The second level, Best of Innovations, is a more exclusive award that is given to the highest-rated product in each category.