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Jason's Start Screen

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jason is our contributing editor who reports for us on mobile technology, ideas, apps and all the latest Nokia developments in the USA. 

A fully paid-up gadget freak, this is what Jason’s Start screen looks like.

Start screen

What apps have you prioritised and why?

I love how Windows Phone 8 lets me set my Start screen how I want it. I’ve used other mobile operating systems, and for me Windows Phone 8 is king. 

I’ve arranged my top row of tiles to keep me in in the know across my most valued social tools, including my calls, my SMS and Facebook Messages, my email, and my most valued social network – Twitter.

My weapon of choice for Twitter is Rowi. I realize there are a lot of Twitter apps out there, but Rowi is the quickest, simplest and lets me know when I’ve missed an @ reply or direct message instantly with its use of push notifications.

Next you’ll find my calendar and my most used apps – Nokia City Lens, 4th and Mayor and two weather tiles from Amazing Weather that are pin-pointed on the two locations I visit the most. 

What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do? 

amazing weather HD

Amazing Weather HD. I’ve had Amazing Weather, but I recently paid for the upgrade to Amazing Weather HD because I really love the app’s speed and active visualization of weather with HD images based on a location’s current weather.

Despite there being a large number of weather apps in the Windows Phone Store, Amazing Weather stands out.  Also, it uses Weather Underground data to base its forecasts on, which is my preferred weather website, so that’s cool also.

Which app(s) is your guilty pleasure?

Like my friend and colleague Jeppe, I’m absolutely addicted to Nokia Music. I love the curated playlists and I also enjoy creating my own custom lists based on my musical tastes at the moment. 

No matter what mood you’re in, Nokia Music has millions of tracks and will supply massive variety in any musical genre you desire.

Aside from Nokia Music, the new revamped USA Today is fun to use – it brings lifestyle and sports info to my hand in a zippy app that is easy on the eye as well. I’ve tried other news apps, but USA Today takes the cake.

Start screen