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Exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the Cinemagraph app has been receiving acclaim from the people that use it, receiving 4.5 stars our of 5 over at the Windows Phone Store. Just how good is it? Let’s show you.

But before we do, we took a look through just a few of those extremely positive reviews found on the Windows Phone Store – posted by Cinemagraph users.

“Never seen anything like [this] before. It’s very fun!”

Reviewed David, while Satish wrote this:

“This is an amazing feature, absolutely love it.”

Sarkis simply exclaimed:

“Awesome !!!!”

Cinemagraph received an updated just before Christmas that added a sharing function, which allowed people to share their Cinemagraphs via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.

We’ve collected some of those publicly shared Cinemagraphs from Twitter and thought they deserved to be seen by all. They’re quite spectacular, we’re sure you’ll agree.

This would’ve made a great photo by itself. However, @LinzLew turned it into a Cinemagraph making the whole picture much more interesting.


@RCWhitesnake captures what we imagine is a mundane car journey and adds some life into it.


One of the most famous landmarks in the USA, @Ihnatko captures Times Square. Our favourite part of the Cinemagraph is the guitar-wielding, semi-clad cowboy.


We’re not sure what this is, but it looks like ice cream sizzling on a hotplate. But, thanks to @aboodesta, it’s kind of making us hungry.


With snow falling all across the UK, @dfwneal was just one person to capture the scenes.


As you can see from these images – they’re not videos – the photos are almost magical. Cinemagraphs allow you to capture more, focusing people’s eyes on to what matters to you. You could say that the creator of a Cinemagraph is creating an emotional moment.

If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone, such as a Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820, you can download Cinemagraph for free. We recommend you give it a go.

Take your time to perfect your Cinemagraph. Make it interesting, funny, or heart-warming. If you tweet it, we’ll possibly feature it on Conversations in the future. Make sure you connect with us via Twitter so we can find it easily –