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Control your music equaliser, with Nokia Audio on Lumia

Built right into the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820, or Lumia 620, is an amazing audio equaliser, called Nokia Audio. If you love to pop on a pair of headphones and lose yourself in an album or a movie on your Nokia Lumia, keep reading on how to get the best possible audible experience.

Head over to the settings section in your phone and look for the Audio option near the bottom of the system list. It’s within here that you can do as much, or as little, tweaking to the audio levels as you want.



The interface is really simple to use and the first screen is where you can play with the levels within the equaliser.

For most people, the 19 presets that have been created will do a grand job of satisfying your eardrums. Using the drop-down box you can choose from bass boost, vocal boost, treble boost, dance electronic, and a whole range of others.

Before you actually start playing with these settings, we’d recommend you load up Nokia Music and find a song to play so you can hear the difference as you change the equaliser settings.

When you select one of these presets you’ll see the equaliser levels rise in some places, and dip in others.



However, for those aural-aficionados, you can go off-road and create your own custom levels. Just slide the bars up and down across the range, from low to medium to high to find that unique sound that’s more suited to your listening needs.

There’s another part to the Audio app, and that’s the enhancements feature – swipe left or right to find this. Here’s where you can switch on the Dolby Headphone and the audio levelling functions.

With Dolby Headphones switched on you’ll get a more realistic, natural sound, as if you were listing you your favourite band in the flesh. The audio levelling option ensures that the level of volume from your songs or videos remains constant and doesn’t increase massively from one track to another.

Have you use Nokia Audio yet? Have you gone for the presets, or have you created your own custom levels? Let us know, below.