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‘Connecting the next billion and beyond’ just got more colourful with the super-dependable Nokia 105, available in cyan and with a colour screen.

Around 2.7 billion people around the world are yet to buy their first mobile, mostly due to financial restraints. The Nokia 105 is set to retail at just €15, making it the most affordable mobile phone in Nokia’s current range.


Others are ready to buy a second phone, perhaps for emergencies, or for sports. That phone will need to be durable and long-lasting, and the Nokia 105 definitely fits the bill.

Fundamental value

The phone was created to offer the essentials – phone calls and SMS – but also some desirable extras. It has an FM radio*, a much-prized addition for people with limited personal entertainment options. Similarly, the phone features a flashlight, useful where reliable electricity is in short supply. The Nokia 105’s sturdy one-piece keymat is dust-proof and splash-proof.


Tech specs

System: Dual band, EGSM 900/1800
Size/weight: 107 x 44.8 x 14.3 mm; 70 g (including battery)
Display: 1.45” 65k Colour TFT Display
Memory: 8MB ROM
Connectivity: 2.0 mm Charger Connector, 3.5 mm AV Connector
Battery: standby time: up to 35 days; talk time: up to 12.5 hours
*headset required.

The battery life – up to 12.5 hours talk-time and 35 days standby – once again means you’ll be able to keep talking and texting for ages.

The Nokia 105 carries the same design aesthetic found on our top-end devices, which makes the phone stand out from the crowd. Lead designer Sungwoo Cho said:

“The very human curves and the clean, fresh design make it very distinct from our competitors’ devices in this price range, and utterly modern despite a traditional form factor.

We’re also extremely happy to be able to offer the Nokia 105 in cyan, as well as black. This is pretty unique at this price point.”

Product manager Tracy Chen told Conversations that “Nokia’s experience in optimising phone quality, combined with its global footprint and economies of scale, is a major contributor to being able to work to such a low price.” Working with thoroughly-tested hardware and software means there’s no drop in quality.

Extra special powers

While the major focus of creating the Nokia 105 was on covering the basics and achieving such an affordable price point, the product team also decided to include a speaking clock:

“We wanted to be able to offer a bit of fun, an extra surprise that provides a talking point for the owners.”

Nokia 105 - group

The Nokia 105 also comes with pre-loaded games, and the Nokia Life service will also be available in supported countries.

The Nokia 105 marks the end of an era. With colour screens available at such a low price, Nokia officially says farewell to black-and-white screens. We don’t imagine many people will be sad about that!

The Nokia 105 will start selling in the second quarter of 2013.