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As was announced on Monday at MWC in Barcelona, we are continuing to bring wireless charging technology into more  products and accessories to give you greater choice and flexibility when it comes to personalising your phone and using the new technology.

How easy is it to bring this technology to consumers and into today’s products? We spoke with Tomi Penttilä, Head of Nokia Gear, to find out.

The first question a lot of people ask when they hear of wireless charging is why? Why do we need wireless charging, and why now? So we pitched that one at Tomi, too.

“There has to be a correct time for certain technologies. We’re now at a time where people’s way of thinking and technologies match – the user experience is now a great one.” explains Tomi.

“Also, because there’s now a global standard in wireless charging – Qi – we can offer a seamless experience to people all over the world, with many different devices.”

That seems to be one of the key things here; up until now different companies all used different technologies and standards. Because Qi is such an established standard, the likelihood of people being able to use the technology is greatly increased.

Wireless charging is one of those technologies that until you start using it, you don’t realise how useful and natural it is.

“Wireless charging is instinctive. Once people use it, they can’t see themselves going back to wires.”

Currently, Nokia has a whole raft of products on the market that utilises this technology. There’s the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy, Nokia Wireless Charging Stand, and the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker; each offering wireless charging, with a slightly different experience.

Also, in addition to the wireless charging shells for the Nokia Lumia 820, we also introduced wireless charging covers for the Nokia Lumia 720 and a Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder (CR-200).

“At the moment, people are able to charge wirelessly at home or at work. Now they can take that same experience into their car, thanks to the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder.” says Tomi.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Wireless Charging Car Holder incorporates an NFC-tag that can launch predefined apps, such as HERE Drive, on your Nokia Lumia smartphone when you slide the phone into the holder. Connecting everything together is all about making people’s lives easier, something that Nokia strives for.

You may think that wireless charging is an exclusive technology, something only available on high-end devices? This won’t be the case forever, tells Tomi:

“We will continue to produce wireless charging devices in the high-end. But, we’ve also got big aspirations with the same technology in the lower price points.”

Wireless charging isn’t just available in your home, office or car; Nokia has worked closely with partners to bring wireless charging to some of the most popular destinations that you visit. Take Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for example, a number of their stores in the US are equipped with wireless charging at your table. That means when you’re recharging your caffeine levels, your Nokia Lumia can soak up some juice – wirelessly.

The same can be said about Virgin Atlantic. Users of the Clubhouse at London Heathrow can sit and relax while they wait to board their plane, knowing that their phone is charging wirelessly.

Are you charging wirelessly? Or, are you looking forward to seeing the technology available across more devices and accessories? Let us know, below.