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To put it bluntly, the Nokia 105 is an absolute bargain at only €15, making it the most affordable phone in Nokia’s current portfolio. Nokia has just raised the bar when it comes to providing entry-level handsets; it’s no wonder that people from all over the world are talking about it with such regard.

While we already described the benefits of the Nokia 105 in our announcement post on Monday, we thought we’d take a look around the web for other people’s views on this new low-priced handset.


When it comes to picking a new phone, we often assume that everybody wants one phone that does everything. We need to remember that this just isn’t the case, as msnNOW points out:

“Nokia hopes the phone will do well in countries where folks need phones to, you know, make calls, rather than post pictures of their babies on Facebook.”

Of course, there are other Nokia phones available that will let you post photos of your babies to Facebook, but the Nokia 105 isn’t it.


Francisco Jeronimo

IDC research director and analyst in the telecoms industry, Francisco Jeronimo, compares the price of the Nokia 105 to that of a takeaway dinner:


While $15 would be an expensive burger, order them for the family and you’ve way exceeded the cost of this handset. As for offering the phone with a Happy Meal? Well, it’d certainly beat a plastic toy dinosaur.


Jonathan Fincher browses through some of the features of the Nokia 105 and spots one great feature for such a low-priced phone:

“For users in India, China, Indonesia, and Nigeria, the phone will also come with the Nokia Life suite of programs, which provide information and lessons via SMS on a variety of topics – like how to speak English.”

Not only do you have a phone for €15, you also have the means to learn another language. Those types of service alone can cost hundreds of Euros.


Another Twitter user sent a tweet out into the ether suggesting that the Nokia 105 become his or her next phone when attending Glastonbury:


That’s a great idea. When it comes down to it, all you’ll need during, between and after each gig is a phone to call your mates to find out where they are. Plus, the torch will come in very handy when you’re stumbling around at night looking for your tent.

Daily Lounge

Daily Lounge’s Rob Floyd attended Mobile World Congress this year and during his small round up of devices had this to say about the Nokia 105:

“A month long battery life, basic functions, flashlight and FM radio features, and the low low price of around $15…could this be the perfect disaster preparedness phone?”

If the time comes and we all need to roam the deserted lands of our planet, will the Nokia 105 be there to save the day? Possibly, according to Rob. It’s also just as good in a non-apocalyptic era.