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Nokia Lumia 720 at #MWC13

Mobile World Congress (#MWC13 to those in the know) blew through Barcelona last week, and with everybody home safe and posting their thoughts on the event,

The launches took all the attention, so let’s kick off with some reflections on the Nokia 105. Sam Reynolds at reckons that the phone will be ‘hugely popular’ – mostly in the emerging markets due to the price point. When he discusses the hardware, Sam can’t help but highlight its

‘rugged and sturdy’ nature

Jon Mundy over at Trusted Reviews has heaped praise on the Nokia 301 – not only for the resemblance to its higher-end Lumia cousins, but for the attention to detail where the imaging capabilities are concerned. Sequential shots, panoramic photos, the self-timer and voice guidance for self-shots are all mentioned as being a nod to smartphones, and Jon reckons this will stand the Nokia 301 in good stead when it comes to the decisions of those who don’t want a smartphone, but do want to take and share great photos.

Nokia 301 at MWC

Also, we launched the Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 – and with almost a week to reflect, there has been lots of time to post those hands on videos. We’ve tirelessly trawled* the swathe of 2 minute specials out there to bring you the best, so sit back and enjoy this hands on with the Lumia 720 from Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central:

And this, a slightly longer Lumia 520 demo from Antti, brought to you by Edgar from WinSourceVideo:

And of course there was more dedicated sifting* to find these lovely Lumia 720 videos. First up, Michael from PocketNow (with Tony behind the camera):

…and what round up would be complete without a demo from one of our lovely colleagues, brought to us by Charbax – including how the Lumia 720 differs from the 920:

If you’re unsure of the differences between any of the Lumia range, Matthew Miller has produced this handy post-MWC guide – outlining the key features of each. Nice work, Matthew! For those of us who prefer to see the difference, Mark Guim has a couple of galleries on The Nokia Blog Showing the Nokia Lumia 520 compared to the Lumia 620, and the Lumia 720 up against the Lumia 920.

Lumia 520 vs Lumia 620

Another story from MWC13, and one that features the Nokia booth, no less, is the Nokia Lumia 920 camera test from carman58 and a buddy – pitching a competitor against the mighty Lumia 920. The results? Well as he says himself – you decide (hint – it’s a pretty straightforward choice once you see the pics).

Of course, one of the coolest things in Barcelona last week (if you discount Mr. Messi’s fleet-footed magic), was the partnership between us and Makerbot, resulting in some amazing customised Lumia 820 cases – you may remember we talked about it before #MWC13. Michael Hell got his hands on one – and dubbed it the ‘coolest thing I’ve seen at MWC’. 

Nokia and Makerbot - Lumia 820 printed case

Nirave also got one made for him, and he was super happy. He even called us ‘awesome’. Thanks Nirave!

Nokia and Makerbot - printed Lumia 820 case

And Dave Peck (lead social media manager at Paypal) even caught the Makerbot printer in action as it made him his very own case:

So how was your #MWC13? What do you think of the launches? And those Lumia 820 custom 3D-printed cases….they’re pretty cool aren’t they? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment. Or send us a tweet.

*We didn’t really have to look very far – there are two excellent posts on My Nokia Blog bringing you ALL the hands on videos of the Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720.