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The vehicle is resting in hospital

We’re very proud of our phones, not least because of their durability.

Late last week, a report appeared in the Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat that made us prouder than ever.

According to the paper, construction worker Ossi Pyykkönen lost his Nokia Lumia while driving a 24-ton earth mover through a Finnish mining site. Fortunately, a colleague found the missing phone half-a-metre below ground when they heard it ringing. Seemingly, the phone had been driven over by the massive vehicle. The screen had unfortunately been cracked during the incident, but the phone remained fully operational.

This is not the first time we have received reports of almost supernatural powers of survival.

Late last year, we received reports of people driving over the Lumia 920 with a car. Not to mention this video of a Lumia 900 being used with, and as, a hammer.

Sons of the 3310

Just recently, we heard that a Finnish store had set out to recreate Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking parachute jump from the edge of space using a Lumia 920. Without the parachute.

The guys at NokNok put a Lumia 900 into a Mach 5 wind tunnel, to see how it fared. It isn’t their first attempt at destroying our phones, having previously been filmed setting a Nokia phone in jelly.

In 2009, The Sun covered the story of a Nokia recovered from the belly of a fish. It still worked, amazingly.

Of course, we don’t encourage any of these activities and we do concede that it’s perfectly possible to break your Nokia phone just by dropping it, if you’re unlucky.

However, every time we hear one of these shocking tales of survival against the odds, it reminds us once again why we’re proud of our Nokias.

image credit: Neil Kremer

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