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Last week we ran an informal poll asking you which of the different lock screen features you valued the most.

It’s something that is particularly pertinent because of the enhanced lock screen options that were introduced on Windows Phone 8.

We gave you a choice of three different options and this is how you voted:



As you can see more than half of the people who voted said that they valued the notifications more than anything else.

I think the most surprising result is that setting the background image also seemed to be far more valuable to most people than setting a passcode! Maybe too many of us (myself included) are being too lax about our smartphone security? 

Here’s a selection of the comments that were left on the original post. 


notification is the most important thing on lock screen, the immediate weather report on lock screen, calendar, email and any msg apps is a must 


I know my wife loves the bing wallpapers on Lumia 920 that change everyday! And she uses a pass code. I myself have picture I took with my camera as a background and also use a passcode. I guess we value both the security and customization the same.

Sidney Jim Kamugisha

I like that you can still control any music playing in the background from the lock screen and how you can adjust your settings to have your phone ask you for a passcode once for a period of time it has been locked.. i have my lumia 820 on every 30mins.

Thanks for all the comments and for taking part in our informal poll.

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