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For two weeks you’ve been frantically snapping pictures using the Panorama app on your Nokia Lumia smartphones. And for two weeks we at Nokia Connects have been frantically trying to get a look at the hundreds that have been coming through.

The sheer quality of your work is astounding. Please take this moment to pat yourselves on the back. While this is a competition and there is a prize up for grabs, I believe you have all achieved something better than a prize, which is this awesome gallery of photos. This gallery is a testament to your fantastic Nokia Connects community. I thank everybody for submitting your images, all them are brilliant. However, these are the ones we thought stood out the most, enjoy!

Muh_HilmiiiMuh_Hilmiiitheodorberg pinkus_aus cjstrads  AliQudsi wrong_thinking saxros28 AndreaTecno2 AndreaTecno2 F_Graziano 1989Alessandro Aerdna4110 Aerdna4110 Aerdna4110 Aerdna4110 stepiccinini85 theonegidion ManuelGamba teodor_bordei YemayOneder DenisPatronov trooters belon1986 belon1986 BruniAlessio BruniAlessio abdel_mostafa YemayOneder nstolyarov82 mr_fridaynite emiliano84 Gianm33 GianlucaRomeo92  icoBasaldella GregIsaacs GregIsaacs GregIsaacs GregIsaacs tweetsbypma Sergio_TheOne warmth Cbrutel sandroz84 svnsapre

If one of your photos has been featured feel free to write in the comments section what your Twitter handle is and a short sentence about your photo, such as where it was taken and anything else you feel the need to add. It would be great to populate this post with your voices too!

Now onto our winner, who wins an awesome JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker. The winner is… *drum roll*

Dhaval Damar! Congratulations! To collect your prize; please contact me.

Everybody, join me in the comments and congratulate Dhuval on his win and yourselves for creating such an awesome array of panoramic beauty.