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Rv's Start screen

A few weeks ago we spoke to Rv Cuarto who founded and runs the Nokia Revolution website in the Philippines.

When he is not writing about Nokia’s phones, Rv, of course, also loves using them. He has a large collection of Nokia handsets but his current device is a lime-coloured Nokia Lumia 620.

As well as sharing with us his Windows Phone 8 Start Screen, this is what Rv had to say about the device:

“I fell in love with this phone the moment I first saw it. It’s small, light and handy but feels solid and sturdy. Best of all, it’s really affordable too. The Lumia 620 has a unique design with the dual-shot technique that I’ve never seen before. The colours blend together to make it more exciting. The Lumia 620 is an amazing smartphone – no doubt.”

Top Start Screen

Tell us the apps you’ve prioritised and why? 

I arrange my Start screen in a way that I could access the things most important to me – people, communications, social networking, and entertainment. 

On the top, that’s got to do with communications. On a daily basis, I make calls; send SMS to my friends and family, check my email and social networks. 

I’ve made big tiles for the Weather Channel, People Hub, Flickr Photos and the Me tiles – those things are most important to me. 

I travel everyday and it is important that I check the weather. The weather channel is my favourite weather app because it has a cool tile and an augmented reality feature for checking the weather.

The Flickr tile is linked to the Nokia Revolution account, which contains photos from our followers and me. The Me Tile placed on the centre so I could easily post an update and access notifications.

The Nokia Revolution app is also a priority because it’s an app made for my blog feeds, making my blog accessible to our readers and followers.


What apps do you use to pass the time?

I use the official Facebook and Twitter apps for WP as I manage our official accounts. Currently, we have more than 2,000 followers and we need to keep them updated and able to answer their queries everyday.

I really also like Nokia Trailer and I check for everyday updates of upcoming trailers that I can download and watch in my down time.

What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do?

MyTube for PhP45.00 by Ryken Apps and Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles HD for PhP220 by Gameloft.

I love the metro look of MyTube and its smooth navigation. I can access my own channel (Nokia Revolution) and respond to comments easily – you’ll find it has everything you could want in a YouTube client.

I’m an avid fan of RPG games and Assassin’s Creed is one of my favourite Xbox titles. It’s worth the price if you’re looking for some real ninja moves!

Which apps are your guilty pleasures?

I really like the Face Swap by Microsoft – I used it a lot to trick my friends. It’s a cool app and really fun to use. We never had a dull moment when I start swapping their faces!

Start screen