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This time last week, we asked you to cast your votes on our informal which app would you choose for a dedicated button? poll. Today, we’re looking at the results. Join us as we go through them.

In the poll, we suggested some apps for you to choose from, but also included an ‘other’ option for any other apps you thought would be a good idea and added some of them to the list. While we tried to keep on top of that ‘other’ option, it did fill up with multiple entries before we could add it to the list. That means while some were added to the list, some are still left in the ‘other’ field.

The most voted app that you would like to have a dedicated button is Twitter, scoring 15 per cent of your votes. We don’t find this that surprising as millions of people take to Twitter every day to chat with friends, followers and also celebrities. It’s often the first place to break news around the world, too.

At second place is the ‘other’ option, with just fewer than 11 per cent, with a varied mix of results. Interestingly, WhatsApp got several votes (we’re not sure why, as it already exists on the Nokia Asha 210) as did Facebook which already has a place on a different variant of the Nokia Asha 210 and also the Asha 205, as explained just above the poll. Did people skip the words and go straight to voting? Who knows?


Another answer in this section was for a blank, customisable button, one that could be assigned to anything the user wanted and several people mentioned they’d like a notification button. We’re assuming this would be the place to press if you wanted to find out who’s mentioned you on Twitter, or Facebook, including missed calls, etc.

The third vote was one created by you, our readers. Almost 11 per cent of you decided that you’d like to see a dedicated Instagram button. While Instagram isn’t available on any Nokia phone (yet?), it’s a clear sign that people want to see it come to Nokia. For those who voted, make yourselves heard by downloading the #2instawithlove app for Nokia Lumia. You’ll be part of a collective wanting to get Instagram’s attention.

After the top three votes follows Email reaching nearly 9 per cent, followed closely by HERE Maps and music playback controls evenly tied at just over 7 per cent.

As for the rest of the results, the graph below shows you what was voted for and what percentage of people voted for that particular option.

It’s reassuring to see that the top votes were all related to communicating with other people in some way or another. While the phone can offer more nowadays, communicating is still vital its users.

What do you make of the results? Use the comments section below to let us know.

poll results