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Since its launch about nine months ago, many of you have been using Nokia’s Cinemagraph app to get your creative juices flowing.

Cinemagraph 3.0 adds more Hollywood magic to your memories

This digital camera lens for Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 makes it possible to add an element of animation to your still images so you can capture your memories and bring them alive over and over again.

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but the results have been startling, funny, clever and everything else in between.

A new update to Cinemagraph now introduces some exciting features that will push your imagination to the limits once again!


Cinemagraph 3.0 gives you more control over the animation and there are new flexible editing options so that you can relive your memories in exactly the way you want.

You can now enhance your frames with colour filters, just like in Creative Studio.



The update also brings some improvements to Cinemagraph’s user interface, making it even easier to use and giving you more creative freedom.

When you’ve created the animation section of your Cinemagraph, you’ll now be able to use a speed dial to control the slow motion effect to make it play ‘more slowly’ or ‘extremely slowly’.

One of the most useful features has always been the ability to trim the beginning and end of your Cinemagraphs. There is now a new moving frame indicator that makes it easier for you to trim at exactly the right moment.

Enhanced sharing

Following feedback and demand from users, sharing options have already been introduced to Cinemagraph, but this latest update sees further improvement in this area too.



You can now also ‘Tap + Send’ your Cinemagraphs using NFC or Bluetooth, just as you would for your regular photos from one device to another.

When uploading your Cinemagraphs to a Nokia server for the unique URL that you can share on social media or email to your friends, you can now ‘copy to clipboard’ and paste the URL in your mobile browser to see your creation in all its glory on your Nokia Lumia device.


Cinemagraph 3.0 should be available now as an update on your Nokia Lumia smartphone, or download it from the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store.

Look out for a walkthrough of the new Cinemagraph very soon, here on Conversations.