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The recently launched Nokia Lumia 925 goes on sale for the first time today in Germany, with other European markets, China, U.S. and other countries worldwide to follow.

The Lumia 925 has a beautifully crafted design with a polished metal frame, which not only looks great, but also allows the phone to be thinner without losing any robustness.

The phone also features a 4.5-inch AMOLED display that lets you enjoy your content in vivid detail, even in direct sunlight, from almost any viewing angle.

As a surprise, we’re now introducing a beta version of a long anticipated feature, the clock on the standby screen. After receiving a large number of requests to bring back this favourite feature, it now comes as part of the Nokia Glance Screen, included first on the Lumia 925.

The Nokia Glance Screen also notifies you when your battery level is low, and you can switch on a night mode for reduced glare in the dark. Double tapping the screen will make it easier to unlock the phone, even when the phone is on a wireless charging stand, car holder or on the table. As it currently is a beta version, you can always select to turn the Nokia Glance Screen off in Settings by selecting ‘display & touch’ and ‘glance screen’.


Once the commercial version of the Nokia Glance Screen is released, it will become available to most Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia smartphones in conjunction with the upcoming Lumia Amber software update. 

Despite its slim (8.5mm) body, the 8.7-megapixel PureView camera boasts the same clever Optical Image Stabilisation technology as the Nokia Lumia 920. This provides a great cure for shaky hands, and together with the most advanced lens technology and latest Nokia imaging software, it also lets you to take better shots in low light.

Additionally, the new Smart Camera app, with features like Best Shot and Action Shot extends your photo opportunities with amazing effects. To make even more out of the Nokia Smart Camera, you can also download the Motion Focus feature from the Store to create more stunning pictures.

This week, we’ll be revealing more about how to make the most of your new Nokia Lumia 925, answering your questions about the phone, and showing off some of the innovative software features that are new to the range. Stay tuned.