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Asha 501 and Lumia 925

Last week we set up an informal poll and asked you to state what size, generally speaking, you prefer for a phone.

This is an area that can cause a great deal of debate and it is, of course, entirely down to personal preference.

While many people love having a large screen to watch videos and play games, it is also easy to understand why others prefer to have a smaller phone that can be slipped into the tightest of pockets.

Across its family of mobile phones and smartphones, Nokia is bound to have a device that suits everyone’s preferences. 

By way of example, we highlighted the screen sizes of three different Nokia devices and this is how you voted:

poll results


As you can see it was fairly close between having a mid-sized screen, such as the Nokia Lumia 620’s 3.8-inches, and the belting 4.5-inch display on the Lumia 925.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the results show a preference for larger screens as they’ve been getting bigger and bigger in recent years.

However, I have a feeling that as people start getting their hands on the Nokia Asha 501 in the weeks ahead, they’ll find it to be a delightful device, that’s proportioned perfectly.

Here’s a selection of your comments:

Elliot CL

925 is perfect. Any bigger, stops being a smartphone and becomes a tablet IMO.

Ayush Mathur

Small is good, but there is a limit… u know, its hard to type on small screen!! 


Well it’s all preferences. 4.5 inches is still a bit too large… 4 inch is a sweet size for most. But I feel 3 inch is enough.

Thanks for voting and all your comments.

poll results