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With its super-sexy slimline bodies, kick-ass cameras, bright-as-day screens and killer music apps, like Nokia Music, Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones are the must-have accessories for music fans. Hardly surprising then that over the last couple of years they’ve starred in a staggering array of cool music videos. In fact, in the last month two of music’s biggest female stars have been grooving with a Nokia Lumia in hand. To see them strutting their stuff scroll down and press play.

Kelly Clarkson: People Like Us:

An up-tempo fist-in-the-air rallying cry for misfits and rebels, this video is all about empowerment and acceptance. Plus Clarkson’s lyrics and the stunning photography are bolstered with a sneaky cameo by the Nokia Lumia 920 – a phone that’s as bright and powerful as the glorious and defiant crew in ‘People Like Us. Power to the people!


Jennifer Lopez: Live it Up

Parties without end, bling everlasting, style, sun and sex: this is J-Lo at her most smokin’. Not only is the song super-catchy, but the video sports the best costumes you’ll see outside of Paris Fashion Week, and it captures our heroine getting down with a Nokia Lumia. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jenny From The Block…


We’ve been shaking our booty to these all week long and we’re not the only ones. Kelly Clarkson’s cracking tune has wracked up nearly five million views, while J-Lo’s has been seen by a staggering thirty million people. But these aren’t the only videos to star a Nokia Lumia.

 It’s competition time!

 Since the Nokia Lumia 800 launched worldwide in December 2011, there’s been six other music videos with six other super singers featuring a Nokia Lumia. Question is, who are they? If you’re a budding Sherlock Holmes with a passion for cool tunes and fantastic smartphones, you’ve got the chance to win a Nokia Purity HD Stereo by Monster headset.


We’ve got three sets to give away to the first three people who can name the other singers and their songs in the comments below. The competition ends at 5pm GMT on July 1st so you’ve got plenty of time to get investigating.

In the meantime, why not kick-start your search with another listen to J-Lo and Kelly’s top tunes.