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When we announced the sales start of the Nokia Lumia 925 last week, it came with an extra surprise. The phone ships with a beta version of the new Nokia Glance screen.

A lot of you had questions about how it worked, and what settings are available. Your wish is our command (sometimes) and so here we go.

The screen shows a big, clear clock. When your phone is charging (or if the battery is critically low), it shows a battery indicator. And it shows a vibrate icon if you’ve switched your phone to silent.

If you’ve turned vibrate off as well, it will show a plain ‘silent’ icon (as in the picture above).

The Nokia Glance screen is controlled from a pane in the ‘display and touch’ section of the Settings menu.



Ultimately, there are two settings.

There’s the overall control. Here you have three options: on, off and timed. The ‘timed’ setting is perhaps the best. It will show the Glance screen, but switch it off after 15 minutes.

The second set of settings is for Night mode, where you can choose between ‘off’ and ‘timed’. Night mode turns the colour of the clock to a dark red, which is kinder on your eyes in the dark. Underneath you can set the hours when you’re likely to be in bed.

In some respects, the Nokia Lumia 925 is the ideal platform for Nokia Glance screen. The very wide viewing-angle offered by the AMOLED screen means you can see the time easily at almost any angle.

Nonetheless, it will be coming to other phones in the Lumia family as part of the Lumia Amber software update, soon.