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Last week we started shipping the Nokia Lumia 925 for people to experience and here are some of the things we’ve seen being captured. So far they’re looking great!

Smart Camera is one of the most interesting features to play around with. Proving that, here are a few demonstrations using the various modes you can find there. First up, here’s a gnarly example of Action shot and Motion focus by Matjaz in Slovenia.

Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 925

Here’s another example of action shot although here there’s no high flying stunts. However, the photo is simply fantastic I think, a truly beautiful series of moments captured and rolled into one story. Thanks to Patrick for this one.

Taking on low light duties we have some great ones from Meral. She took her Lumia out for a spin in Soho, a perfect place to capture night life. Keep an eye on Meral’s tumblr too, where she will be posting all about her experience from now on!

That’s not all for low light. David has brought some of his own photographic talents to the table with this shadowy scene. It really is remarkable how much detail is captured in these images at night.

We also have loads of sample macro photography and a video to share from Jay at mynokiablog. Bear in mind he was so busy with course work he only had a few minutes to dash out and get these shots. He is really pleased with the results though, but what do you think?


And finally Nirave over on ukmobilereview has provided us with some camera samples and a short review. His closing statement says it all really… “the early samples show that having a large megapixel count isn’t what matters. Quality of lenses and algorithms make a big difference and these samples show that Nokia had got it completely right.”

What do you think of the Lumia 925’s camera? If you think you have a great idea or subject to take pictures of and would like the opportunity to do it, sign up to our trial programme or reach out to us on Twitter.