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It’s time for an update on what people have been experiencing with their Nokia Lumia 925’s of late. The first installment was very much first reactions and quick on-the-go snapping. This time it’s getting deep, so buckle up and get ready.

The Geekanoids crew got their hands on the phone last week and promptly came up with an exciting way to demonstrate what theĀ 8.7 Megapixel PureView camera is capable of. Well, it turns out neither of them get air sick! Get a load of this: In Flight with the Nokia Lumia 925

Back down to earth with some comparison photography we have Tom (, a talented photographer with a passion for urban exploration. He’s put the Nokia Lumia 925 vs. iPhone 5 vs. Canon 5D Mk1.

Nokia Lumia 925:

There are lots of photo opportunities for interesting pictures in theĀ  now derelict Barrow Hospital in Bristol. And having known the place for years, Tom knows the best places to capture different situations for the comparison.

Nokia Lumia 925:

All of the shown images are taken with the Lumia 925 and are unedited. Overall, it performed very well against the competition, outperforming the iPhone 5 in the majority of situations. The Lumia held its own vs the Canon but understandable could not compete in certain areas with the stand alone DSLR.

Nokia Lumia 925:

“The Lumia also beats the iPhone on the control front giving more options in terms of adjusting ISO, exposure length and white balance”

For the full camera test, more amazing images and insight, take a look at the complete post by Tom at

What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 925, are you impressed by the images? Do you want to see more examples and comparisons? Leave a comment or reach out on Twitter with what you’d like to see and we’ll try and bring it to you.