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With reviewers still reeling from last week’s phenomenal Nokia Lumia 1020 launch, it’s no surprise that this week’s Blog Star is talking about it too. Our second featured blog is PureView Club, which has been on our radar since last year for the spotlight it shines on the imaging side of Nokia mobile technology.

What is it?

It’s a blog and forum focused on mobile photography, with tips, product news and a serious share of images taken with Nokia kit.


Who runs it?

Like last week’s Blog Star, PureView Club isn’t affiliated with Nokia. Netherlands based blogger Marc Wielaert and webmaster Peter Buijsman published their first post last February, inspired by the launch of the Nokia 808 Pureview and driven by a passion for “perfect mobile photography” (their words, not mine).

Marc, a seasoned technology reviewer, remembers being asked at the beginning why he was starting a website about just one phone. His response was simply that it’s “amazing how much there is to share about PureView imaging technology.” More than 800 blog posts later and still with plenty to say, we reckon he’s totally proved that point.


What we love about it

Marc has many years of experience under his belt as a technology reviewer. He knows his stuff – not just Nokia, but the competition too – which makes it all the more telling that he is passionate enough about Nokia products to post an average of two blogs a day about them.

Couple that professional reviewing know-how with the fact that he’s a personal Nokia user (the 808 is still his current phone of choice) and it’s no surprise that in less than 18 months, PureView Club has grown from nothing to a well-respected source of Nokia knowledge that is regularly quoted and linked to (including right here on Conversations).


We love that Marc has a thing about numbers. Nokia model numbers. Last month, he celebrated the 808th blog post and reaching 3,310 followers on Twitter by publishing a series of photographs of the legendary Nokia 3310, taken (of course) with his trusty Nokia 808 Pureview. Roll on post 1,020.

So remember how Marc was asked why he wanted to write about just the 808? Take a look at the PureView Club’s article archive and you can see how far he’s taken it, and where he’s likely to take it with the launch of the 1020.

What’s its stand out feature?

What makes the PureView Club rock is its passion for mobile photography and the technology that makes it possible. Of course there’s loads of useful information on the blog, but it’s the awesome visuals that really stand out – many of Marc’s shots as well as those from contributors.


Lots of the images showcase specific aspects of Nokia imaging technology – like Smart Cam or low light capability. Others pit Nokia imaging against other brands – or even one Nokia model against another. But some images are there simply because they’re gorgeous to look at and just happen to have been shot on a Nokia phone.


As Marc wrote just last week: “If you like stuff like this, please don’t hesitate to share – it’s what the PureView Club is all about.” Well Marc, we very much like stuff like this, so this is us sharing.

Hooking up beyond the blog

The best place to say hi to Marc and Peter is on Twitter and you can follow them on Facebook. But don’t forget to explore the Flickr page, where you can download high res versions of many of their test shots.

So congratulations to PureView Club on becoming our second Blog Star of the Week. Here’s to their next 800+ posts. In the meantime, who should we feature here next? Which bloggers absolutely get what their readers need from their mobile technology?