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From its curved design to 4G connectivity, the Nokia Lumia 625 is packed with high-end innovation – but the phone’s big 4.7-inch screen is stealing the headlines because it’s currently the largest in our range. 

We talked to Nokia Display and Touch technology manager Jussi Ropo to find out more.

“People will be impressed by the screen size at this price,” says Jussi, “but in many ways, it’s the variety of other technologies in the display that are actually the most impressive.”

Over the course of this year, Nokia has not just been innovating at the high end, with the 41-megapixel PureView camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020 being the best-known of these innovations. Just as importantly, it has also been taking the fruits of this innovation and bringing down the range to phones like the Nokia Lumia 625.

Unique technologies

So what can you find under the glass on the Lumia 625?

Super-Sensitive Touch (SST): Introduced with the Lumia 920, SST is a Nokia technology that lets you use your Lumia with gloves on, using a stylus – we’ve even seen people operating a Lumia using a banana. Whatever works for you…

Jussi explains that, “The technology is adaptive so it reacts to any conductive object that is touching the screen.

“In other words, whether you are using it with gloves or a nail or stylus, it will automatically adjust the sensitiveness to provide the best possible touch screen experience.”

High Brightness Mode (HBM) and Sunlight Readability Enhancement (SRE): Historically, it was tricky to use a smartphone outdoors in sunny conditions. Sunlight either reflected off the screen or was bright enough to overpower your phone’s brightness.

HBM and SRE add extra visibility in sunny conditions. HBM is a manual setting that boosts the brightness when you need it most, while SRE automatically controls the image on screen to produce better results depending on the ambient light conditions.

Of course, the ambient light sensor above your smartphone’s display will sense and adjust the brightness automatically, so for most people, in most circumstances, the automatic settings will be absolutely fine.


Finding the balance

Jussi also draws attention to the Lumia Colour Profile app that comes as standard on the Nokia Lumia 625. It’s part of the Lumia Amber update that’s preinstalled on the phone.

“You can just change the colours to match your tastes, whenever you like.”

Jussi concludes by assuring us that there has been “no compromise” on user experience when it came to putting together the Lumia 625’s display:

“It’s a best-of-breed IPS LCD display and is perfect for viewing super high speed 4G content on the go.”

Have you had the chance to try the Nokia Lumia 625? Tell us which features you like the best in the comments below.