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Last week’s announcement of the Nokia 108 (dual-SIM) demonstrated Nokia’s commitment to equipping more and more people around the world with versatile mobile phones at an affordable price.

There are many reasons why you’ll love the new Nokia 108. Let’s start with 10:

1. If you’re looking for a phone that’s going to last, the Nokia 108 is the perfect companion. The battery can last up to 31 days on standby with the single-SIM model, and up to 25 days standby for the dual-SIM version.

Crafted with typical Nokia attention to detail and quality standards, the Nokia 108 is also durable and built to withstand everyday adventures.


2. Costing just $29 USD, the Nokia 108 is an absolute bargain that’s packed with meaningful features.

$29 USD can get you a 7-day unlimited MetroCard ticket in New York, about seven large Big Mac meals, or the Nokia 108, with a built-in camera (see reason # 3).

3. For many people purchasing a mobile phone for the first time, there’s often a trade-off between buying an affordable phone and having one with extra features, such as a camera.

The Nokia 108 comes equipped with a VGA camera that makes it easy for you to capture any important moment in your life. Or, you can capture those funny moments, too – in either still or video form (microSD is needed, see reason # 5).


4. It’s all too easy to forget the importance of being able to light the darkness. Be it the pitch-black night of a festival campsite, or nightfall in a far-flung rural village; having a torch built-in to your phone, like you will find in the Nokia 108, is an essential for many.

5. The Nokia 108 comes with microSD support, up to 32GB.

With this you’ll be able to take thousands of photos, hundreds of videos, and keep your favourite music nearby and ready to entertain you whenever the mood hits.

6. In many countries, FM radio is the preferred way to listen to and discover music.

Attach a wired-headset (which becomes the radio antenna) to the Nokia 108 and you’re listening to all your favourite local stations.

7. Listening to music on your own is fun, but it’s even better when shared with your friends or family.

Turn on the loudspeaker to hear music at an incredibly high volume – at 103 phons.

8. And while we’re on the subject of sharing, the Nokia 108 comes with Nokia Slam, a technology that enables you to share your photos and other content with other people using Bluetooth.


9. Purchasing an entry-level phone doesn’t mean that you should settle for a phone with a black and white screen. The Nokia 108 has a 1.8” screen capable of producing 65,000 colours.

You’ll be able to flick through all those photos, or videos, that you’ve taken and enjoy them in glorious colour. You’ll also be able to enjoy the classic snake game, too, in colour.

10. If you’ve got two SIM cards, the chances are that you currently have two phones.

With the Nokia 108 dual SIM, you can now carry just one phone. Put both SIMs into the phone to easily make or receive calls or send texts from either your work number or your personal number.

Plus, you’ll free up some extra space in your pockets.

There you have it. Ten reasons you’ll love the Nokia 108. Feel free to add to this list using the comments below.

Nokia 108