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 We’ve enjoyed seeing you all put boredom in the back seat over the last few weeks during your Nokia Lumia 625 trials. 

To recap, we asked the community to submit their least boring review of the Lumia 625 and they did just that. We received reviews on boats, in temples and from pets! But now it’s time to select a #FightBoredom winner…









In our last post we showed you some of the best entries we’ve had so far and boy were they not-of-the-boring-variety/creative and downright crazy funny! Out of interest, which one was your favourite?

So, it’s time for the obligatory *drum roll* and commiserations to those who didn’t make the cut, this is always a tricky task for us…

The WINNER is: @GadgetsBoy (image above) aka Tomi Adebayo! You have won the least boring day ever for you and a friend.

Congratulations, we just had to give it to the first person to ever send us an upside down unboxing video:

However, commendations go to the first ever guinea pig unboxing video we’ve received (evidence of the ‘crazy funny’ I mentioned earlier). Big thanks to Steve aka psychomania666 for that one. Plus, we also enjoyed one of the most dramatic reviews ever: 

Again, something out of the ordinary right there which = not boring! Huge thanks to Olivier Noirhomme for being so dramatic.  

And then what about the Lumia 625’s camera you ask? For that, take a ride around the streets of France on Germain’s Kawasaki. The striking yellow Lumia 625 is a perfect match and the 1020p recording is superb.

We had great fun watching all of your videos, it’s nice to take a break from the hard-core tech facts once in a while, right? Finally, a big thanks goes out to all of the community members who entered this competition, you’re now part of a 25,000 strong follower base (yes, we reached the milestone today)!