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October 23, 2013

New Nokia apps from Nokia World 2013

Just yesterday, we shared a long list of exciting apps coming to Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha such as Vine, Instagram, and Flipboard.

Today, let’s take a look at our homegrown apps right from the Nokia app factory.

Nokia Camera



Two glorious apps combined into one. Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia Smart Camera have been merged to simplify your photo-taking experience, and ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

The Nokia Camera integrates easy automatic mode, but you can also take control of your camera and become a pro by manually altering focus settings, shutter speed, and ISO as well as using Smart Burst, Remove Moving Objects or create an Action Shot features.

Nokia Camera is available now to download for all Nokia Lumia PureView smartphones, and coming to the rest of the WP8 Lumia range along with the Lumia Black update.

Nokia Camera also has raw file support (DNG format) on Nokia Lumia 1520, and this will be coming to the Lumia 1020 when the Lumia Black update rolls out.

Nokia Refocus



Rather than worry about getting the focus perfect first time, Nokia Refocus takes a photo and lets you choose the focus point after you’ve taken the shot.

This means you can create different expressions of a single photo, changing the same scene in a number of ways by refocusing on the area you want to highlight most. You can also choose to make everything in focus, or magically add colour pop to the focused area for more impact.

Available for the Lumia 1020Lumia 1520, and Lumia 1320 and coming to other PureView Lumia smartphones later this year.

Nokia Storyteller



A single app that combines your photographs and videos with HERE location information to create a picture journey. When you take a photo or record a video, you can see precisely where it was taken on a familiar HERE map.

See clusters of photos scattered across the globe and zoom in to an exact location. Plus, zoom out of any photo within the gallery to see where it was shot. You will also notice that your photos truly come live, the videos are played in-line, the action shots are beautifully animated, and the refocus effect is subtly played back to give the immersive feeling when browsing between the images.

The Nokia Storyteller app for the Lumia 2520 also pulls in your pictures from SkyDrive and Facebook to help you relive your memories in new and exciting ways.

Available for the Nokia Lumia 2520, Lumia 1520, and Lumia 1320. Support is also coming for other PureView Lumia smartphones.

Nokia Video Director


Transform your home videos into a slice of Hollywood magic!

Once you’ve captured a film with your Lumia, there’s no need to send it to a full-blown PC. Instead, send it to your Nokia Lumia 2520 where you can edit scenes, add music tracks and create a compelling short movie in minutes.

Available on the Nokia Lumia 2520 at launch.


Nokia Beamer

Nokia Beamer is the ideal way to share what’s on your Lumia display to any internet-enabled screen.

PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos, absolutely anything that you see on your Lumia can be shared, remotely, to anywhere in the world.

It’s like magic, there’s no hassle with connections, and it just works. You beam the screen to a nearby HTML enabled screen, or SMS it to a friend on the other side of the globe. You can even tweet it and let your followers see your screen in real time!

It’s coming soon for all Nokia Lumia PureView smartphones.

Which app are you excited to get your hands on? Do let us know, below.