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October 25, 2013

Nokia World: blogger reactions

We thought it would be nice to reflect on a crazy week at Nokia World by highlighting some of our community reactions from the product launches.

There was plenty for them to get their teeth stuck into at the Abu Dhabi event. From the Instagram on Windows Phone announcement, to our first tablet and six inch phones. Plus much more…

Lumia 1320

Here is a fabulous Lumia 1320 hands-on gallery from Myriam Joire aka tnkgrl, perfectly complimenting her shots from the Nokia World keynote speech.

Our loyal community member Tomi Adebayo aka @GadgetsBoy also tweeted this hands-on video from down at the event in Abu Dhabi:

A press pass wielding Jason Goh aka @smashpOp, hit us up with this 15 second [coming soon to Windows Phone] Instagram video of the Lumia 1320.

Lumia 1520

Mark Guim captured the moment the phone was revealed from Stephen Elop’s Mary Poppins esque jacket pocket, cue the camera flashes:

Celine Navarro took this photo of the Lumia 1520 and titled it ‘neeeed’. We’re guessing she’ll be acqqqquiring one very soon! She was also pretty excited about the Lumia 1320 announcement.

Idene Roozbayani captured this shot of Stephen Alverez from National Geographic. He praised the dynamic range of the Lumia 1520 and mentioned the new Nokia Camera app:

Lumia 2520

Here is Michael Schmid aka @adaddyblog  highlighting some of the features of our first ever tablet, including the wraparound keyboard:

Abbas Jaffar Ali is pretty blown away by the price:

Myriam once again uploaded a whole bunch of photos, this time for the Lumia 2520, we recommend you take a look.

Last, but not least, is Ali Al-Qudsi from @mynokiablog who grabbed one of our Nokia Music experts at the event to give him a little tour:

Asha 500/502/503

Here is our favourite Asha launch round-up video from Jade Bryan Jardinico aka @jadejavu:

He’s also a big fan of the price point.

Lumia Apps

So, who wasn’t happy about us launching Instagram and Vine? Did you know that we also launched: Nokia Storyteller, Nokia Camera, Nokia Refocus and Nokia Video Director? All of which can be found here.

Stephen was pretty psyched about Nokia Beamer, why not give it go yourself?

We’re pretty stoked about the Nokia Storyteller app too!

Lance is ready, are you?

Here are a few more of our favourite moments from this week. What were your highlights? Tell us below or over on @Nokia_Connects.