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October 31, 2013

Trial a Nokia spotlight

Our Trial a Nokia programme has been a source of much experience, comparison, inspiration and FUN for a number of years now. Whether you’re reviewing for a tech blog or it’s your first time using a Nokia phone ever, we love to see and share the stories and experiences that come from it.

A great example would be from David Gilson who has been using the Lumia 925 to take astronomy photographs. When the planets are aligned, there’s no stopping the low light champion from capturing fantastic pictures.

Not even Jupiter and its moons can escape the Lumia 925! Keep an eye on David’s Twitter feed for more astronomy photography with Nokia Lumia.

Now meet Gergo from Hungary, a former Samsung photographer and user… Once he tried the Lumia 920 for his photography instead, there was no turning back. He’s now testing the Lumia 925 in a whole range of situations and the results are impressive.


In Gergo’s gallery you’ll find everything from macro, action shots, landscape and low light scenes, and the Nokia Camera app is in full swing throughout, helping to capture with Motion Blur and Action Shot mode.


Here Gergo deftly uses tilt shift (I think) in Nokia Creative Studio to emphasise the lady bird. Take a look at everything he’s created so far and keep an eye on future additions, he’s posting more every day!


Spending the time to sit down and capture super high quality images isn’t always an option when you’re generally using your phone. So how does the Lumia 925 handle every day point and shoot? Well, Lisa from We Said Go Travel has been testing just that. She’s been on a mission around Thailand to Malaysia, Philippines, Palau, Guam, Oahu and then back to Los Angeles. During her trip she has been exclusively using the Lumia 925 to capture her memories.

If we then take a step back from the photographic charms of the Lumia 925 and step into the more affordable shoes of the Lumia 820, you’ll find Sophie’s review to be an interesting read.

Sophie Nokia Lumia 820

Sophie had never used a Windows Phone before let alone a Nokia Lumia, so naturally right out of the box she was impressed by its striking yellow colour.

“I love the colour yellow, and it has been shown that it makes people happy, and it made me happy”

Sophie found the phone fast to use and the ClearBlack display impressive, as well as the originality of Windows Phone itself too. The best part of the whole experience for her was the camera though, which she had the most fun with. Jump over to Sophie’s blog for the full story, the conclusion is mixed but it definitely shows that if you haven’t tried a Lumia already, you should!

“My honest opinion is that this is a breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed the originality of WP8”

Sometimes when people Trial a Nokia just to see what the camera is like, or write a review, they end up falling in love with the phone and decide on purchasing one for themselves. This makes us happy and it’s one of the reasons we love sharing these stories with you! Each person who makes the switch is another to welcome into the Nokia Connects community.

If you would like to do something interesting with a Nokia Lumia or review one, take a minute to submit a trial request. You can always reach out to us via Twitter too.