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November 6, 2013

Coloud collision

We previously wrote to let you know about three cool sets of headphones from Coloud designed for use with your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

All three varieties are now on the market, available for purchase, and we thought it only appropriate to give them each a listen, and let you know what we thought. However, we couldn’t find a way to give this assignment to just one writer, so we divvied up the work (we know, rough gig), and tasked three of us here at Conversations with each sampling one of the Coloud headsets to see which one rocks the hardest.

All three sets feature tangle-free flat cables (which is a nice touch), and include a built-in microphone and remote, so you can take calls on the go with minimal interruption.

While the following isn’t a scientific review by any means, we know our testers took the task seriously, and are eager to share their findings with you.

First, take a quick look at all three sets in this Coloud demo video, and then see how each set stacked up: Pop by Jason, Knock by Adam and Boom by Ian.


Coloud Pop: in-ear wunderbuds

Jason says:

I went for the smallest of the three Coloud headsets, Pop, and I am really glad I did. While I like the bright colours of the other two models, the over-the-ear ‘cans’ format is just not my style. They kind of scream “Look at me! I have big headphones on and I can’t hear you!”

Coloud Pop headphones

And, as the saying goes: “Good things come in small packages.” In the case of the Pop headphones, the in-ear format comes with three different sizes of soft, squishy buds, so you can find a fit that suits your ears. At just 16 grams in weight, you’ll hardly know you’re carrying them (you can’t say the same for the Pop’s heftier cousins).

Technically, the frequency response on the Pop set isn’t as impressive as the Knock or Boom, but for €18 the Pop headphones are comfortable, discrete and deliver decent sound.

Coloud Knock: A winning lightweight

Adam says:

As Jason points out, larger headphones do tend to shout ‘I can’t hear you, so don’t talk to me’, and that’s kind of what I like about over-ear headphones. When I decide to pop on a pair to listen to some music, I don’t want to be disturbed – by anyone.


While Knock doesn’t have the same ear cushions that Boom has, the pads are large enough to fit comfortably over all the right places and pump sound straight down your lugholes.

Weighing considerably less than Boom’s 139g, my pair of Knock weighs in at 78g, making these virtually non-noticeable when they sit on my head or when I leave them hanging around my neck. And all for €20!

Coloud Boom: bring on the noise

Ian says:

It’s all a matter of personal preference, isn’t it? But I’m not a fan of putting things inside my ears, and if I’m going down the over-ear route with my headphones, then I want to go the whole way and get the most sound-fidelity and noise-exclusion I can. Boom fits the bill.


These bright yellow (in my case) cans fit snugly over your ears and are cushioned around so they can be worn for a long period without making your ears sore. While they don’t contain noise-cancellation microphones, they do a good job of cutting out the outside world, thanks to the great fit. This means that you don’t need the volume turned up too high and you won’t bother other people with sound leaking from your headphones.

They’re also pretty light compared to other, larger headphones, weighing in at 139g. They can be yours for only €25.

All three headsets will work with all Nokia Lumia smartphones, select Nokia Asha devices, and any device with a 3.5mm AHJ audio plug.

The Coloud Boom, Knock and Pop are available now.

Have you had a chance to try any of the Coloud headphones? Share your preferences in the comments below.