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December 12, 2013

Who You Should Follow on Vine

Now that Vine’s available for Windows Phone, you’re probably wondering who is creating the best vines and who you should be following. We’ve taken the headache out of your search and compiled some of the best videos from people you should’ve been following on vine yesterday.

But before we dive into the list, take a quick look at this new Nokia video which offer a how-to guide for using Vine on your Lumia:


Tee Ken NG

Tee Ken Ng creates about one mind-blowing vine per week. From being stuck inside a photocopied version of himself to creating a portrait out of words written by James Joyce, this channel is definitely one to watch for inspiration and thinking outside of the box.

Brock Davis

Brock Davis is a visual artist and creative director who also teaches how to make stop-motion videos. He specializes in making them from his smart phone, so you can expect to see some awesome vines from him.


He doesn’t always do stop motion, but when he does, he makes some pretty awesome vines (usually of his girlfriend…or beer). Nonetheless, he’s a confessed vine addict and we are happy to fuel his habit by adding to his followers.

Daniel Ojanlatva

Daniel is entertaining to follow on Twitter AND Vine. He makes some pretty interesting stop-motion videos, even inserting himself into a few. How DOES he do it!?

Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham is a comedian who was taken his show to vine to give us 6-second comedic acts every could of days. Most of his vines include a play on words or takes the literal meaning of certain phrases or situations while adding a funny twist.

Ry Doon

Ry Doon is a comedian who is known for his vine videos as well as for his Jay-Z impressions. They’re pretty good, too, if we had the opportunity to witness Jay-Z’s everyday life choices.


Nicholas Megalis

His channel usually features vines of him singing funny, original rhymes or his own versions of popular songs. He’s now well known not only on vine in the music world where he is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. He may have over 3 million followers on vine, but we’re still thankful we’re able to witness his weirdness to brighten our day.

Josh Darnit

Josh Darnit has a lot of vines including his family members, particularly his son Evan, who is ridiculously cute.  He’s pretty good at catching those little moments that a lot of people usually miss and adding a funny aspect to it.



You could say that Pinot is a professional Vine artist, showcasing some of his amazing art and then turning it into stop motion videos, but he is also a father, animator, and illustrator located in Kuwait. Although he mainly showcases his artistic talents, he does throw some comedy in the mix. With over 10,000 followers, he’s definitely someone you want to have in your vine feed.

Chris D’Elia

Chris D’Elia is an actor, comedian, and vine enthusiast. He masters vine by adding humor to real-life situations. Some are weird, some point out the average so blatantly it’s funny, and some jokes he can’t even get through without laughing at himself.

There are definitely more that weren’t included, but these are some of the best. Download Vine and see who else is out there or start making your own vines!

Of course, we’d love to know who you like to follow, too – share links to your favorites in the Comments below.