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December 17, 2013

Nokia MixRadio for Lumia updated – by you

The folks at Nokia MixRadio are always listening to feedback from users.

And the latest update to the Lumia smartphone app – designated version 4.1 – builds on the in-app feedback and other channels about the still-very-new Nokia MixRadio app (version 4.0) that was introduced a couple of weeks ago.

Where are you now?

Changes in this release build on the already improved navigation around the app, in small but useful ways:


First, mixes have been reorganised. These used to be presented in a long list. But now they are organised into three panes: Featured (selected mixes by the local entertainment managers); Genres (like Indie, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.); and Categories (things like new releases, moods or occasions). As you learn where your favourite Mixes are placed, it will become quicker and easier to get to them with this new system. You might even discover a new mix or two in the process.

Second, navigation in the My Music section has been improved.

Third, the new version of the app introduces an A-Z list for your MixRadio favourites, similar to the one that’s present on the app list screen when you go over 25 installed apps. You can press a letter to bring up an alphabetical grid that zips you to the artist you’re looking for really quickly.



So, just a few tweaks that help make this great app even better. As usual, the update will be available through the Windows Phone Store and, if you haven’t got it already, you should get a notification that it’s ready to download and install in the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned for all the latest Nokia MixRadio news here at Conversations, and do use the chance to feedback on the service via the app settings, you’ll find an item called ‘feedback’ – use it!

Happy listening!