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December 18, 2013

Getting started guide for Nokia Lumia 2520 – part 2

On Monday, we provided you with some tips on how to get started with the Nokia Lumia 2520. Here’s the second part of that story, with even more handy tips and tricks.

Desktop view

The familiar desktop view is still available and can be found by tapping on the Desktop tile that sits on you Start screen. If it’s not pinned on the Start screen, you can find desktop within the Apps view as mentioned above.


Desktop is still used when using apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – preloaded on your Nokia Lumia 2520.

Switching between apps

When you’ve finished using an app, browsing the Web, playing games or listening to music you can press the Start key to go back to the Start screen – there you can select another app.

Doing this will keep the previous app open, much like multitasking, where you can quickly jump back to it when needed. Sliding from the left edge of the screen will reopen the last you were using.

If you want to close an app completely, slide from the top edge of the screen and the app will follow your finger as you drag it to the bottom. The app will then close.

Using apps side by side


This feature is really useful. Rather than jumping from one app to another, you can have them both positioned perfectly side by side.

For example, you may be writing an essay using Microsoft Word and need to reference and use information from a website. Having the two next to each other makes the whole experience much easier.

Within one app, slide your finger from the top edge of the screen, but rather than sliding it all the way down pull it towards the middle and to the left or the right. This will place that app in that half of the screen.

Go back to the Start screen, by pressing the Start button, and open the other app. Pull it down again but place it in the now blank half.

There, two apps are now side by side and you can interact with them independently.

The dividing bar in the middle of the screen can be adjusted to allow for more screen space for any of the two apps.

There we have it, the essentials for getting started with your Nokia Lumia 2520.

We’ll be bringing more tips for the Nokia Lumia 2520 in the coming new year. Is there anything you specifically want to know how to do on the Lumia 2520? Do let us know, below.