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December 19, 2013

MixRadio for Windows 8 can Play Me, too

Today sees the release of an update to MixRadio for both Windows 8.1 RT tablets, like the Lumia 2520, and Windows 8.1 computers.

The new release comes with many of the same features as the new Nokia MixRadio app for Lumia smartphones.

As with the pocket-sized version, there’s now a prominent ‘Play Me’ button when you start the app that makes it quicker and simpler than ever before to get your own personal radio station- a playlist of music that’s been tailored specifically for your tastes.


On the Now Playing screen, there are new thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. These are used to build up the app’s understanding of the music you like and dislike, and help it find new tracks that suit your tastes.

The app also uses information like the favourite artists you’ve added and other data points to build its profile of what will make your toes tap, as well as what to avoid.


Power up your picker

Logging into your Nokia account will ensure that your profile is up-to-date across all your devices, since it’s stored in the Cloud.

This is pretty useful for an app that learns from your behaviour over time. If you buy a Lumia 2520 tablet after having used MixRadio on your Lumia smartphone, for example, it will automatically know everything the app has already learned about you when you first log in, rather than starting again.

And thumbs up and down on either platform will impact your profile together, rather than being separate.

Product owner for MixRadio, Martin Banham, told Conversations, “The Windows 8 app is aimed at providing the same great music experience to Lumia 2520 owners that Lumia smartphone users already enjoy. It also gives MixRadio+ subscribers extra value for money”.

You can either wait for the app to automatically update itself, or force a check for updates in the settings menu of the Windows Store.

Once you’ve got it downloaded and installed, let us know what you think.

Happy listening!