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December 23, 2013

A Nokia for all the family

It’s difficult finding the perfect gift for all the family. With different personalities and different needs, where do you start? Let’s try to help you out…



At 12 years of age and full of energy, young Billy’s constantly on the move, climbing up trees, scuffing his knees and generally up to mischief.

He doesn’t have a wide social circle, just those in his class at school and close family members and so doesn’t need anything too extravagant.

The Nokia 108 is perfect for Billy, at around USD $29. Small in size and light, the 108 is durable enough to withstand Billy’s bounding about and fits firmly in his pocket.

With a VGA camera, Billy can take fun photos of his friends and with the potential for 31 days’ standby time, will ensure he’s always contactable whenever you need to keep tabs on him.



At 14 years old, Gemma is making lots of friends and hates to be excluded from any social interaction with her peers, in and outside of school.

Image is also becoming important and she likes a phone that’s not only functional, but also stylish.

The Nokia Asha 503 is vibrant and highly polished, thanks to a bold polycarbonate body beneath a transparent layer.

The Fastlane feature is onboard to keep Gemma up-to-date with any incoming notifications as well as showing previous and upcoming events. The addition of a 5-megapixel camera means she can capture the world around her with great detail. And with 3.5G connectivity, she can stay in touch with her peers, upload photos to social networks and download files at speed wherever she may go.




As a working woman, and a mother, Lucy has always got her hands full with one thing or another.

Lucy requires something that’s functional that can make aspects of her life easier, while staying connected with her friends and the rest of the family.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is sleek, with a polycarbonate body surrounded by an aluminium frame.

Lucy loves to take photos and film everything around her, so the PureView 8.7-megapixel with OIS (optical image stabilisation) camera is perfect for the job. Also, storing these automatically on SkyDrive means she’s always got them backed up.



Like Lucy, Simon splits his time between work and his family.

He needs access to his emails, apps for staying productive and likes to browse the Web and play games when there’s a quiet moment.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is powered by Windows RT 8.1 and comes loaded with Microsoft Office 2013 RT; helping you create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on-the-go.

With access to the Windows Store, Simon can download games and enjoy them in full HD on the 10.1-inch screen, or use Internet Explorer 11 to surf the Web.

Granny Jones


At the ripe young age of 79, granny Jones doesn’t need or want to play Xbox games, or download thousands of apps.

The Nokia 105 is a handy little phone that lasts up to 35 days on standby with a single charge. This means you don’t need to worry about keeping it charged up every other day.

With a physical keypad there’s no mistyping of phone numbers and it also comes in bold cyan colour that’s especially easy to find in the bottom of a handbag or up on top of the fireplace at home.

Do you have any plans to buy anybody in your family a Nokia phone this year? Which one? Tell us, below.