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December 27, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1320 sales begin this week

The time to upgrade is now, with Nokia’s latest do-it-all Lumia smartphone.

Following its unveiling at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi in October, the stunning Nokia Lumia 1320 will begin sales today in China, followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries in the coming weeks.

The multi-coloured, multi-faceted Nokia Lumia 1320 comes with many of the innovative, high-end features found on the Nokia Lumia 1520, such as a six-inch Gorilla Glass screen, super sensitive touch for glove use and a wealth of pre-loaded apps, including Nokia Beamer, HERE Maps and HERE LiveSight – all perfect for its super-sized touch-screen real-estate.


In terms of photographic aptitude, the Nokia Lumia 1320, which measures less than 1cm thick, offers fun ways to get creative with images. Creative Studio app has features like Colour Pop, Focus+Blur and Collage to enrich and invigorate your shots. And you can share your fancy shots with others via Instagram. Everything looks sharp and vivid on the 720p HD display.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Nokia MixRadio, the intelligent radio station that creates personalised playlists based on your choices, looks and sounds great on your Lumia 1320.  You can download other great apps too like Vine, Papyrus, My Talking Tom and the array of great Xbox game titles from the Store. Thanks to the LTE connectivity, gaming is smooth, fast and enjoyable.

With HERE Maps, the Lumia 1320 will show you the world around you in plenty of details; find restaurants, shops, destinations and more.  Enabled by HERE LiveSight feature, you can even re-locate your parked car using the phone’s camera.

Built-in memory can be expanded by an integrated microSD card slot, paving the way for thousands of videos and images at the touch of a finger. For best experience, we recommend using a new and fast microSD card.

With a bigger screen comes greater flexibility, and the Nokia Lumia 1320 can display three columns of Live tiles on the home screen allowing you to place even more of your favorite content right on your Start Screen for easy access.

You won’t need to worry about re-juicing your battery mid-way through the day, either; this big screen beauty has the same size battery as the Lumia 1520 – allowing for up to 21 hours of 3G talk time and almost 100 hours of music playback.

Are you planning to upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 1320? Let us know in the comments below.