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January 2, 2014

Nokia Connect’s 10 most popular stories of 2013

2013 has now passed into history, so what better time to look back and savour the year’s most popular stories.

In the Connects section of Nokia Conversations, we make it our business to showcase the amazingly wonderful ways communities and individuals use our technology. Whether you’re a blogger, a group of photographers, a skateboarder, an artists collective or simply a passionate Nokia fan, it really doesn’t matter. And, of course, we also try our best to write stories, which help you make mobile magic. This philosophy is perfectly reflected in our ten most popular stories of the year.

To see for yourself, here they are listed in reverse order of popularity.

10 quotes about the Nokia Lumia 620 you need to read

Nokia Lumia 620
If you’re looking for a Nokia Lumia, you’ve now got more to choose from than ever before.

The question is, which member of the world’s most innovative family of smartphones do you go for? There’s tons of reviews, comparisons, unboxing of each and every one, but if you want a quick sense of what the interweb’s best tech blogs think of the Nokia Lumia 620, look no further.

10 real life stories of indestructible Nokia Lumias

They will survive.

Nokia smartphones are famed for many things around the globe, but one quality you hear mentioned time after time is that they’re hard-as-nails. For anyone who knows about Finland’s long traditional of industrial craftsmanship this is exactly what you expect. Nonetheless, it still comes as a surprise to hear the punishment Nokia devices have taken and survived.

5 great Nokia Lumia 920 camera tips videos

If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia 920, the likelihood is you love the camera. And you’re not alone, Mashable said of the world’s most innovative smartphone, “It runs like a dream and has one of the best cameras ever built into a smartphone.”


10 quotes about the Nokia Lumia 920 you need to read


Okay, we admit it, we get a bit obsessive about checking out reviews of the Nokia Lumia 920.

In fact, we can spend hours cruising the Internet for the latest insights, and there’s no wondering why: the Nokia Lumia 920 has been called “strikingly beautiful” by, and “smooth and fast and sleek [with] a ton of future-is-here features” by Gizmodo. However, you probably have lot less time on your hands to indulge yourself in this pastime, which is why we’ve picked ten quotes every Lumia lover should read.

8 useful Windows Phone 8 features you might not know about


One of the things we love best about Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone is that we’re always discovering fantastic little features we didn’t know about.

Whether it’s a new camera trick, a clever software innovation or a little update that makes a big difference, these constant marvels always put smiles on our faces. To share some of this childlike glee with you, we’ve showcased some features, you might not yet have noticed. Get your Nokia Lumias at the ready!

10 things you need to know about the Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia Lumia 520

It may only be forty-eight or so hours since news of the Nokia Lumia 520 was shared with the world, but already there’s a huge amount of analysis, reviews, hands-ons and opinions online.

Hardly surprising when you consider what the Nokia Lumia 520 represents: proof that you don’t have to compromise on quality to get a fun, affordable smartphone. To see why, let’s check out some must-know facts.

Inside story: The 3.5 months underwater Nokia Lumia 800


Nokia devices have a long hard-as-nails history of being bashed, crashed and smashed, yet still surviving against all the odds.

Just do a Web for search “Indestructible Nokia” and you’ll see what we mean. Nevertheless, this is the first time we’ve heard of a Nokia Lumia surviving at the bottom of a lake. And not just for a few minutes, but for three and a half long months.

10 top tips and tricks for your Nokia Lumia 920


So now you’re the proud owner of the world’s most innovative smartphone, you’re probably wondering what it can do.

The simple truth is the Nokia Lumia 920 can do tons of amazing stuff. Often, however, it’s the little things, which make a big difference. So, we scoured the internet communities of Lumia 920 users to see what tips and tricks they think everyone should know. Here’s their answers.

Are big smartphones the future of e-books?

Stephen King once called books “a uniquely portable magic.” Thanks to mobile technology those words resonate more than ever. Question is, has the e-book revolution already peaked or is it only just the beginning?

How to create awesomely artistic Windows Phone Start screens


Put some art into your Start.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We love customizing our Nokia Lumias. Whether it’s a stunning new shell for our Nokia Lumia 820 or Start art made by getting creative with Windows Phone Live Tiles, customization makes your smartphone uniquely yours.

Needless to say, we’re very happy to see that our most popular story featured a very dapper looking stormtrooper. But what about you? Is your favourite story of 2013 featured here or were there others that rocked your boat?