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January 8, 2014

Asha App Spotlight: ESPN Lite

ESPN Lite is the perfect free sports app for owners of the latest Nokia Asha smartphones like the Nokia Asha 501, Asha 502 and Asha 503.

The app itself is incredibly easy to use, with the main page split into different categories: Headlines, ESPN Now, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Racing, Tennis, Hockey and an about page. There’s a home button at the top right, so it’s always simple to get back to the start screen.


As the name hints, news stories come in bite-sized chunks; there’s a photograph, a quick paragraph to keep you updated, and that’s it.

It works really well if all you want is an overview of what’s going on in a particular sport or sport in general, with official ESPN apps like ESPN Cricinfo and ESPNF1 to fall back on if you want a more in-depth look at the news.

Trying out the latest Nokia Asha ESPN apps

If you’re interested in sport in general, the Headlines tab caters well for you, throwing up the latest headlines from a wide range of sports.


We did find it more attuned to baseball than other sports, so you may be better off sticking to individual categories like Soccer, Racing or Tennis. The ESPN Now section throws up an RSS feed, showing top news stories of the day.

Bringing in news stories from hundreds of different pieces of content every day, there’s a lot to like about ESPN Lite. While it doesn’t focus on in-depth sports articles, if you’re strapped for time and want to check out the latest headlines, it’s ideal for bite-size updates on-the-go.