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January 17, 2014

Around the world in 80 Lumias: Hungary

By most accounts, there are 196 countries in the world. Of these, 50 can be found in Europe, and today we head over to one at the very heart of the continent, beautiful Hungary.

Since beginning our Around the world in 80 Lumias adventure, we’ve seen the world through the eyes of some of best Nokia Lumia photographers around. France’s Olivier Wong-Man-Kan, Denmark’s Morten Nordstrøm, Northern Ireland’s Patrick Walsh and Australia’s Matt Glastonbury have all dazzled us with their photos. Our next guide is mobile photography master Dávid Detkó. Before we enjoy his shots of his beautiful country, we asked him a few questions about his love for Lumias, photography and the country of his birth.


So, Dávid, how did you get into photography?

It all started around 2010 when my compact camera broke down, and I didn’t have any other devices for shooting photos, just my one time phone: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. After lots of experimenting and a little trick (remove the back cover) I managed to take pretty good photos with it! Since I enjoyed the challenges of mobile photography and the recognition involved in creating a well made mobile photo, I decided from then on I’d show the world that you can take good photographs without expensive camera equipment.

As time passed, I greatly improved my technique so my old Nokia was replaced by a new one: Nokia N9. I shared my photos more and more on social network sites, when thanks to Twitter I came into contact with  Nokia Connects. You guys gave me the opportunity to trial a Nokia 808 PureView. After this I won one such device courtesy of PureViewClub! Last year, I also trialled a Nokia Lumia 820 & Lumia 925, so I got the opportunity to get to know the wonderful WP8 OS and I could take some new stunning photos. And what about now? Well, I lecture about mobile photography at Nokia home events, represent the company at various events, and have became an official Nokia Ambassador! … and thanks to this I take photos with current photography flagship model, Nokia Lumia 1020.

What do you like best about your Nokia Lumia 1020?

What I like best is the continuous and dynamic development! It’s less than a year that I’ve been using a Nokia Lumia, but during this time it’s incredible how much the system has been developed. Just look at the PureView technology and how much has been added to camera features. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

Where in Hungary do you like to shoot photos most and why?

Well, I live in the middle of Hungary’s largest lowland, so there are not many natural attractions in the area: some lakes, rivers, forest, sparsely populated regions, and that’s all. But maybe that’s why we see the longest sunsets and amazing colour in the sky. Where I go regularly, Szeged and Budapest, there are very beautiful historical monuments, buildings of all kinds of style and wonderful parks. Since I live in a very small town, the metropolitan bustle and nightlife is very enjoyable for me. I love all the aspects of my little country, because there is no distance to travel, and it’s very varied: there are plains, mountains, rivers, in fact, there’s also the “Hungarian Sea”, the Balaton lake!

What are your three top tips for shooting awesome Lumia photos?

Be patient, walk with your eyes open and always dry your lens!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Dávid’s photos not only give us a tantalizing taster of Hungary but a real insight into the photographic power of our Nokia Lumias, too. We’re big fans of all his photos. If you are, too, make sure you follow him on Instagram. But before you do that, we’d love to hear which of Dávid’s photos you appreciate the most.