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February 14, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lumia lovers! May your weekends be all a-flutter with petals and fondants and mysterious cards from secret admirers.

However,  if you’re feeling less tacky and more techy, you’ve come to the right place. Switch off all the romantic guff and download our top five new and updated Windows Phone apps of the week! Or offer them to your significant other as a geeky gift. Your call!

FlipMag BETA

What is it? An RSS reader

Why we love it: RSS readers are enormously useful for folk who find themselves returning to the same blogs and sites over and over – consolidating all that content onto one page saves a lot of time online. We’re very impressed with this new kid on the RSS block: FlpMag is still in beta, so it’s in a bit of a glitchy zone right now, but it looks absolutely beautiful and we think it’s one worth getting into early.

Who it’s perfect for: Internet info addicts



Nokia Storyteller

What is it? A photo-album app

Why we love it: This isn’t new on the market, but it’s now available for a wider range of Lumias and we thought, hey, this one might actually be sort of romantic! It organizes your photos into convenient albums (or stories) using location info, and lets you view them as slideshows and share them with friends. What we particularly like, though, is that you can rename the albums (from, for instance, ‘London’, to ‘Joel’s 21st!’), which makes it more personal, and you can browse by location as well as chronologically. If you click on map you’ll see markers indicating how many shots you’ve taken in any one place, and if you click on the location you can browse all those pics at once. Very neat! A lovely way to reminisce together…

Who it’s perfect for: anyone who uses their phone’s camera



Super Agent

What is it? The spy-game formerly known as Mossad.

Why we love it: It made us feel like actual spies on real missions… The game uses the same sort of augmented reality concept as Live Sight: you’ve got to go on missions based on your actual location using your phone’s camera and compass (it works for phones without compasses too, we believe). Retrieve and hide virtual objects by scanning your location with your camera. It sounds weird but it’s compelling stuff. Sadly the free trial isn’t up to much, but the actual game is very cheap and definitely worth a go.

Who it’s perfect for: spy kids



FilmOn TV

What is it? A TV show streaming app

Why we love it: This is an excellent unofficial app for FilmOn, a service that lets you stream live TV from a huge bunch of providers from across Europe, the US, Latin American and Asian markets. No fee, no catch, though you’d want to watch your data allowance if you’re away from WiFi. Turn it in, select your channel and watch. It’s fast and the images are crisp. You can browse channels via category (local, horror, sports, news, comedy, kids, etc) and while it won’t have everything you might want, it really does have a very, very decent selection.

Who it’s perfect for: tv fans


Space Shooter X

What is it? A shoot ‘em up in space

Why we love it: It’s so retro we were bound to love it. An arcade-style vertically-scrolling sci-fi game that stars you as a gun-toting spaceship being bombarded by enemy craft? Surely that’s everybody’s idea of fun! Tap and hold your guy to fire and drag him/her around the screen to manouvre. It’s very, very fast-paced with super clear graphics and a decent enough soundtrack. A very addictive keeper.

Who it’s perfect for: nostalgic gamers


Appropriately enough, considering the day, we’re loved up with every last one of these fab five. But which has captured your heart?