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March 18, 2014

10 Cleverest Lumia shots of the month

We’ve shared examples of what’s capable with all the great imaging innovations on a Nokia Lumia smartphone many times before, but they just keep coming. Here’s this month’s pick of the bunch from around the world.

1. Walking on a beach during a sunset can be a magical moment. Miaglastonbury was both perfectly placed and equipped with her Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture this spectacular scene.

2. Conversations reader Juan Carlos Medina Mejía shared this crafty Cinemagraph; a boy is still yet his shadow moves. Creepy and clever.

3. Nokia Refocus gives you the freedom to choose your preferred focal point. José Manuel Nieto‘s shot is a great example of how that works. Tap anywhere within the image below to refocus the shot; we’ve counted three clear focus zones.

4. In terms of settings, Nokia Camera gives you outstanding freedom. Davidsnokiaphotographs has obviously been playing with the shutter speed to on his Lumia to create this wonderful, mystical #lightpainting.

5. Brendan Arndt makes use of the colour-pop feature within Nokia Refocus photo to draw our eye to the glass of white (yellow) wine. The background has been transformed into a grey gloomy sky with only another hint of yellow in the sea.

6. Marc from PureViewClub shared this Nokia Refocus image of a row of pegs on a washing line. The linear arrangement works well, but the colour choice is also clever – can you spot the link?

7. There’s a new app on Nokia Lumia, called Tiny Planets Pro, that’s helping people to create unique photos. Take this next photo of a laptop keyboard, for example, taken by freshpixgav. Rather than a conventional horizontal layout, this keyboard is circular and looks brilliant.

8. We’re not sure what the subject of this Nokia Refocus is, but we think it’s a cricket. One thing we are sure is that this is a clever photo. Thanks to Daniel Olivier for sharing.

We also think there’s an additional lens being used too, as the focus points aren’t positioned like we’d normally see them.

Regardless, it’s a nice photo.

9. Colour-popping can turn a relatively normal photo into an interesting one. Take this photo by darshilds; a yellow flower atop some green foliage.

This in itself might not be that interesting, but set it against a grey background (thanks to the colour-pop) and you’ve got a great photo.

10. This photo by Seanset via Instagram is of a classic British red telephone box and taken with a Nokia Lumia 925. What you’re looking at is Colour Pop in full effect.

What’s your favourite Nokia Lumia photo from this month’s collection? Is there anyone we should we be following for fine examples? Share your thoughts with us, below.